Division 5 Results Table

Division 5PWDLPoints
Burnham & Berrow B00000.0
Isle of Wedmore B00000.0
Minehead & WS B00000.0
Weston Super Mare B00000.0
Wheathill A00000.0

Division 5 Fixtures

DateHome TeamAway Team1st TeePoints
02/04/23Weston Super Mare BFosseway12.00
15/04/23Isle Of Wedmore BFosseway11.00
22/04/23Wheathill AMinehead & West Somerset B14.00
23/04/23Burnham & Berrow BWeston Super Mare B14.00
29/04/23Wheathill AFosseway13.00
06/05/23Isle Of Wedmore BBurnham & Berrow B11.00
13/05/23Minehead & West Somerset BWheathill A12.00
14/05/23Weston Super Mare BIsle Of Wedmore B13.00
20/05/23Minehead & West Somerset BIsle Of Wedmore B11.00
21/05/23Burnham & Berrow BFosseway14.00
28/05/23Weston Super Mare BMinehead & West Somerset B13.00
28/05/23Burnham & Berrow BIsle Of Wedmore B13.00
03/06/23FossewayMinehead & West Somerset B12.00
04/06/23Weston Super Mare BWheathill A13.00
17/06/23FossewayBurnham & Berrow B12.00
17/06/23Wheathill AIsle Of Wedmore B13.00
18/06/23Minehead & West Somerset BWeston Super Mare B12.00
02/07/23Weston Super Mare BBurnham & Berrow B14.00
08/07/23FossewayIsle Of Wedmore B12.00
09/07/23Burnham & Berrow BMinehead & West Somerset B13.00
15/07/23Wheathill AWeston Super Mare B13.00
23/07/23Burnham & Berrow BWheathill A14.00
29/07/23FossewayWheathill A12.00
29/07/23Isle Of Wedmore BMinehead & West Somerset B11.00
05/08/23Minehead & West Somerset BFosseway12.00
12/08/23Minehead & West Somerset BBurnham & Berrow B12.00
12/08/23Isle Of Wedmore BWeston Super Mare B11.00
02/09/23FossewayWeston Super Mare B12.00
26/08/23Wheathill ABurnham & Berrow B13.00
02/09/23Isle Of Wedmore BWheathill A11.00