Division 7 Results Table

Division 7PWDLPoints
Burnham & Berrow Channel102671784.5
Worlebury Royals B102661882.5
Mendip Spring B102561979.0
Cricket St. Thomas C102442269.5
Isle of Wedmore C102142561.0

Division 7 Fixtures

DateHome TeamAway Team1st TeePoints
08/04/23Isle of Wedmore CMendip Spring B12.009.04.5
08/04/23Worlebury Royals BCannington11.0010.03.0
15/04/23Burnham & Berrow ChannelCannington10.3012.00.0
15/04/23Cricket St Thomas CWorlebury Royals B13.008.06.0
29/04/23Cricket St Thomas CIsle of Wedmore C13.0010.03.0
30/04/23Burnham & Berrow ChannelMendip Spring B12.002.014.0
13/05/23Mendip Spring BWorlebury Royals B11.154.011.0
13/05/23Burnham & Berrow ChannelIsle of Wedmore C12.009.04.5
14/05/23CanningtonCricket St Thomas C11.008.06.0
21/05/23Burnham & Berrow ChannelWorlebury Royals B11.0010.03.0
27/05/23Mendip Spring BCricket St Thomas C11.1510.03.0
28/05/23CanningtonBurnham & Berrow Channel11.008.06.0
04/06/23Worlebury Royals BCricket St Thomas C11.008.06.0
10/06/23Worlebury Royals BIsle of Wedmore C12.0010.03.0
10/06/23Cricket St Thomas CBurnham & Berrow Channel12.0010.03.0
17/06/23Mendip Spring BIsle of Wedmore C11.159.04.5
25/06/23CanningtonMendip Spring B11.004.011.0
01/07/23Worlebury Royals BBurnham & Berrow Channel11.004.011.0
08/07/23Isle of Wedmore CCricket St Thomas C12.0010.03.0
15/07/23Cricket St Thomas CCannington13.0011.01.5
23/07/23Burnham & Berrow ChannelCricket St Thomas C12.009.04.5
29/07/23Isle of Wedmore CWorlebury Royals B12.009.04.5
05/08/23Isle of Wedmore CBurnham & Berrow Channel12.002.014.0
05/08/23Cricket St Thomas CMendip Spring B13.008.06.0
12/08/23Mendip Spring BCannington11.1510.03.0
18/08/23Worlebury Royals BMendip Spring B12.009.04.5
19/08/23Mendip Spring BBurnham & Berrow Channel13.006.08.5
19/08/23Isle of Wedmore CCannington12.0010.03.0
03/09/23CanningtonIsle of Wedmore C11.008.06.0
10/09/23CanningtonWorlebury Royals B11.000.017.0