Avalon 4BBB Handicap Calculator

As from the 1st April 2024, the way that the handicap shot allowance has changed.

The new way to calculate it is as follows :

Calculate a Players Course Handicap using formula –

Handicap Index x (Slope Rating / Standard Slope) + (Course Rating – Par)

and round the result to the nearest whole Number

2024 Interactive 4BBB Calculator

With the greatest thanks to Keith Wiggins again for this.

(Club data available below)

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Avalon Clubs Tee WHS Details

Golf CourseTeeSlopeCoursePar
Brean Golf ClubWhite12068.569
Burnham & Berrow Golf ClubGold12773.771
Burnham & Berrow ChannelGold11569.170
Cannington Golf ClubWhite12069.468
Cricket St Thomas Golf ClubWhite10664.968
Enmore Park Golf ClubBlue12971.871
Fosseway Golf ClubWhite9761.867
Isle of Wedmore Golf ClubWhite12169.970
Long Sutton Golf ClubWhite13872.370
Mendip Spring Golf ClubWhite12771.571
Minehead & West Somerset Golf ClubWhite12170.572
Oake Manor Golf ClubWhite12470.370
Stockwood Vale Golf ClubWhite11969.471
Tall Pines Golf ClubWhite12771.170
Taunton & Pickridge Golf ClubBlue12369.469
The Mendip Golf ClubWhite12971.671
Vivary Park Golf ClubWhite9963.165
Wells Golf ClubWhite12769.170
Weston-super-Mare Golf ClubBlack12370.770
Wheathill Golf ClubWhite11566.469
Worlebury Golf ClubWhite12268.870