Division 2 Results Table

Division 2PWDLPoints
Brean A102921982.0
Taunton & Pick Stags102441781.0
Isle of Wedmore A102532278.0
Worlebury Allstars91981861.5
Burnham & Berrow A101962557.0
Enmore Park A91132613.0

Division 2 Fixtures

DateDivHome TeamAway Team1st TeePoints
12/03/222Burnham & Berrow ABrean A12.3010.03.0
09/04/222Brean AIsle of Wedmore A11.008.06.0
17/04/222Worlebury AllstarsBrean A10.309.04.5
24/04/222Isle of Wedmore ABrean A13.008.06.0
01/05/222Taunton & Pickeridge StagsEnmore Park A12.0010.03.0
08/05/222Taunton & Pickeridge StagsWorlebury Allstars13.008.06.0
15/05/222Isle of Wedmore AEnmore Park A13.008.06.0
21/05/222Enmore Park ABrean A12.301.015.5
22/05/222Taunton & Pickeridge StagsIsle of Wedmore A12.0010.03.0
22/05/222Burnham & Berrow AWorlebury Allstars12.009.04.5
28/05/222Brean ABurnham & Berrow A11.0010.03.0
29/05/222Worlebury AllstarsIsle of Wedmore A11.008.06.0
05/06/222Taunton & Pickeridge StagsBrean A12.0010.03.0
05/06/222Burnham & Berrow AIsle of Wedmore A12.004.011.0
12/06/222Burnham & Berrow AEnmore Park A13.0010.03.0
18/06/222Isle of Wedmore AWorlebury Allstars13.008.06.0
19/06/222Burnham & Berrow ATaunton & Pickeridge Stags12.306.08.5
26/06/222Enmore Park ABurnham & Berrow A13.008.06.0
03/07/222Brean AEnmore Park A11.0012.00.0
09/07/222Isle of Wedmore ATaunton & Pickeridge Stags13.008.06.0
17/07/222Enmore Park ATaunton & Pickeridge Stags13.00ConceedWin
31/07/222Brean ATaunton & Pickeridge Stags11.008.06.0
07/08/222Enmore Park AIsle of Wedmore A13.004.011.0
07/08/222Worlebury AllstarsTaunton & Pickeridge Stags12.0011.01.5
14/08/222Enmore Park AWorlebury Allstars12.008.06.0
20/08/222Isle of Wedmore ABurnham & Berrow A12.009.04.5
21/08/222Worlebury AllstarsBurnham & Berrow A12.0011.01.5
27/08/222Brean AWorlebury Allstars10.3012.00.0
28/08/222Taunton & Pickeridge StagsBurnham & Berrow A13.0010.03.0
28/08/222Worlebury AllstarsEnmore Park A?