End of Season Results for 2023

Division M1
Men's Division WinnersRelegation to M2
Brean AOake Manor A
Division M2
Promotion to M1Relegation to M3
Mendip Spring ATall Pines A
Minehead & West Somerset
Division M3
Promotion to M2Relegation to M4
Worlebury Royals AEnmore Park A
Vivary Park BBurnham & Berrow A
Division M4
Promotion to M3Relegation to M5
Brean BThe Mendip C
Oake Manor BLong Sutton B
Division M5
Promotion M4Relegation to M6
FossewayBurnham & Berrow B
Isle of Wedmore BWeston Super Mare B
Division M6
Promotion to M5Relegation to M7
Wheathill CLong Sutton C
The Mendip BWeston Super Mare A
Division M7
Promotion to M6Relegation to M8
Burnham & Berrow ChannelIsle of Wedmore C
Worlebury Royals BCannington
Division M8
Promotion to M7
Farrington Park B
Mendip Spring C
Division S1
Senior Division WinnersRelegation to S2
Stockwood Vale SeniorsEnmore Park Seniors
Long Sutton Seniors
Division S2
Promotion to S1Relegation to S3
Minehead & West Somerset SeniorsMendip Spring Seniors
Worlebury SeniorsTall Pines Seniors
Division S3
Promotion to S2
Cricket St. Thomas Seniors
The Mendip Seniors
Shakleford Trophy Winners
Farrington Park BAverage of 10.6 points per game